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SASM students run around the school track during jog-a-thon.
Students during PTA's Jog-a-thon Fundraiser

Please continue to get the word out. We will accept donations towards prizes until September 30th. You can sign up on pledgestar for ease of asking for donations at:

photos of three students
School Picture Day

Smile! You're on Camera! 

Everyone is photographed as pictures are used for our yearbook.

a bunch of purple grapes hanging on the vine surrounded by green leaves
Grapes Grow in our Garden!

Our garden's bountiful harvest provide fresh fruit and vegetables for our community.

two examples of classroom graphs depicting wildly important goals
SASM's Classrooms have Wildly Important Goals!

Each class at SASM has a W.I.G. posted in the hallway showing students' growth throughout the year.

young boy sits on carpeting solving math problems with coins
Student solves his money problems!

Using 4 word clues and coins, students learn the coin names, their worth, and how they are related to each other.

child playing in snow
Weather-Related Delays and Asynchronous Learning

APS has moved to asynchronous learning on days schools are closed due to inclement weather. 

About Asynchronous Learning Days




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