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Why Art?

Art is extremely beneficial to child development. Art uses all the senses, encompasses all other content areas, and builds problem-solving skills. Studies have proven that there is a verifiable correlation between academic success and the study of the arts. On that note, I encourage you to ask your child about their artwork and encourage them to make art on their own.


If you have any questions or would like to visit or volunteer in our art class please email me at


Starry Night paintings

Welcome to Art!

I am so excited to be back at SASM as your art teacher this year. I am looking forward to providing a meaningful art experience for your students and creating more mosaics for the pillars near the two-story building.

As before, art lessons that I provide will center on the Elements and Principles of Design. Knowledge of the elements and principles will give the students a working vocabulary with which to create and discuss two and three-dimensional art using a variety of media. I will also integrate components of other content areas such as STEM and examine the connections that are inherently present.

Students will keep a sketchbook in class all year in which they will write vocabulary words and explore ideas. In addition, we will work with a variety of mediums such as painting, drawing, metal repousse, printmaking, and clay to name a few.

My goal is to give your students a repertoire of possibilities in which to create and express their ideas.

Art Teacher
Carrie Sanchez Art Teacher
Art Classes t & th, March 24 & 26

Hi SASM families,

Join me for an art class! This Tuesday and Thursday I have scheduled times for each grade level to meet on Google Meet to do some art with me.  We will be drawing living creatures (check grade level for specifics). Have drawing materials ready when you join:

  • paper (2 sheets)
  • pencil & eraser
  • sharpener
  • coloring materials of your choice (crayons, colored pencil, markers, watercolors).

Just before the time given, click on the scheduled time below to join me.

5th grade art class: Audubon Observation drawing: local wildlife

Before class you can find an illustration or photograph of an animal of your choice that makes its home in the East Mountains or draw a mule deer with me.

Tuesday, March 24⋅10:00 – 11:00am


4th grade art class: Audubon observation drawing: mammal, reptile, or bird

Before class you can find an illustration or photograph of an animal of your choice, mammal, reptile or bird or draw a squirrel with me.

Tuesday, March 24⋅11:30am – 12:30pm


3rd grade art class: Audubon bird drawing

Before class you can find an illustration or photograph of a bird or draw a roadrunner with me

Tuesday, March 24⋅1:30 – 2:30pm


Kindergarten art class: Rainbow fish drawing

Thursday, March 26⋅10:00 – 11:00am


1st grade art class: Rainbow Fish drawing

Thursday, March 26⋅11:30am – 12:30pm


2nd grade art class: Audubon Bird drawing

Before class you can find an illustration or photograph of a bird or draw a roadrunner with me.

Thursday, March 26⋅1:00 – 2:00pm

Hope you can join me. I look forward to seeing your faces!

Mrs. Sanchez

Art by the Month

Types of lines

Line Objectives


K - 1st Grade Line Art Work


2nd - 3rd Grade Line Art Work- Mehndi Hands

line designs

4th -5th Grade Line Art Work- Zentangles

white board

Basic Shapes Learning Objectives

paper robots

K-1 Geometric-shaped, Symmetric Robots

paper art

2-3 Henri Matisse Inspired Collages


4th - 5th M.C. Escher Inspired Tessellations

paintings of donuts, ice cream cones, and 3-layer cake

Applied Shapes Learning Objectives

donutsK-1 Wayne Theibaud Inspired Donuts Prints

ice cream cones2-3 Wayne Theibaud Inspired Delicious Drawings

3-tiered cake4-5 Wayne Theibaud Inspired Sliced Cake

white board

New Mexico Learning Objectives

white board

Art Rubrics

Fall leaves

K-1 NM Leaves

autumn leaves on trees

2-3 NM Leaves on Trees


[4-5 combining this lesson with Oct. Fall project]

white board

Landscape Learning Objectives

hot air balloons

K-1 New Mexico Hot Air Balloons

art work

2-3 New Mexico Starry Night


[4-5 combining this lesson with Oct. Fall project]

2 pictures of Autumn sights

Learning Objectives for Fall Lesson


K-1 NM Pumpkins

Victorian Houses

2-3 NM Victorian Houses

Paintings of a parody on The Scream

4-5 The Scream Parody

Cat   Pig in The Scream paintings

4-5 A Cat and A Pig in The Scream Parody with a New Mexican setting

Primary Color Mobiles

Primary & Secondary Color Mobiles

All mobiles were so beautiful students took them home as soon as they finished them!

Colorful Geometric Color Patterns

Geometric Colors Learning Objectives

Color Symmetry

3-4 Geometric Color Symmetry


K-1 and 4-5: Mobiles were so beautiful they took them home as soon as they finished them!

greenware clay

Learning ObjectivesTin Work Learning Objectives

Hand imprints in tinK-1 Hand Imprints in Tin

Hearts in Tin2-3 Hearts in Tin

Words   PicturesArtist Trading Cards Learning Objectives

City skylines

2-3 City Scapes

February s learning objectives

Learning from Famous Artists


STEM-Human Body-Art

colored body outlines

K-1 Body Movement

Sandra Silberzweig Portraits

2-3 Sandra Silberzweig Self-Portraits

Mannequin Study

4-5 Mannequin Study