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Dion's Club Read

Dion's Club Read

This year, the program will run from March 3rd through July 30th. The prize will remain the same as the previous year. Though, we have made changes to the program to best meet the need of remote learning.


Below are details:

·         The program will begin on March, 1st.

·         Brochure can be ordered in early February. (Look for a second email)

·         The program has been adapted to be virtualStudents may find and submit electronic scorecards HERE.

·         Students may turn in a physical brochure. Also, teachers may redeem scorecards for students.  

·         Once scorecards have been submitted, students will receive a free slice of pizza with one topping and be entered for a chance to win our Grand Prize!

·         The program will conclude on July 30th.

·         Tracking of student participation can be provided.

·         The winning school will be notified once all scorecards have been turned in.


If you would like more detailed information, please visit Dion's Community Page.