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ConocoPhillips & NEED Training

Since 2008, ConocoPhillips and NEED (National Energy Education Department) have partnered to provide teachers across the country with curriculum and training opportunities. We help teachers educate students on a wide range of topics including energy conservation and alternative energy sources.

2 teachers

Ms Chyo and Mrs. Carver


Through the generosity of ConocoPhillips and NEED we received

- More than $300 worth of curriculum and hands-on kits that teach about energy resources and transformations.

– Science of Energy kit and a basic NEED curriculum set.
– Curriculum and training that is aligned with state education standards.

Curriculum materials presented during the workshop include these curriculum guides:

NEED Science of Energy – Elementary
NEED Science of Energy – Intermediate
NEED Science of Energy – Secondary
Energy Enigma
Exploring Oil and Gas  – Perforated Well, Core Sampling and Exploring Density activities
Energy Games and Icebreakers – Candy Collector
School Energy Inspectors  – The Energy I Use Today and Conservation in the Round

5th Grade Saves Energy!

The 5th Grade earned $500.00 for the school by signing up with APS to conserve electricity.


We are working on our energy PBL.  We are extending this project to include the school.  We are making public service announcements, posters and going around to educate the classes.  If we can lower the whole school’s energy usage by 1%, then the school will receive additional grant monies.

5 peopleMr. LaZar (APS Energy Educator), Mrs. Gallegos (SASM Principal), and some of the 5th grade Energy Building Buddies Team


On March 26,  Channel 4 was at school showcasing our 5th grade PBL: Energy Program.  Below is the link to KOB TV 4 News feature video on SASM's 5th Grade Energy Program.

SASM 5th Graders are Building Buddies

Students receiving a check.Mr. LaZar (APS Energy Educator) presents a $500 check for saving energy to Mrs. Gallegos (Principal) and the 5th Graders.

5th Grade- PBL: Energy

All 5th Grade students at SASM learn about Energy, its usefulness and necessity, its various origins, and the importance and means to use less with a focus on the school community.

3 large money checksCongratulations 2018-2019 students for saving energy & earning SASM $1500!

Students have begun PBL: Energy for this school year. More coming soon!