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Theresa Rodriguez Gifted Teacher
The Gingerbread Kids
Gingerbread group of kids

Katy & Carson- The pueblo was around in the thirteen hundreds, a lot older than I would have thought.

Tessa- The pueblo raised turkeys.

Kate- The pueblo had more than one kiva, both a round and a square kiva.

Brooke & Rachael- The main structure of the pueblo was "U" shaped.

Gabe- I learned that the Tijeras Pueblo is in New Mexico; I thought it was in Colorado.

Ada- Anyone can visit the pueblo. Although it's been reburied, there are dioramas of it.

Rachael- I liked doing the problem solving because I could use my brain in different ways.

Carson & Saker- It was hard to make little things, like the cups and plates, out of modeling chocolate. Our hands would heat the chocolate, and we had to let it solidify again before we could finish the items.

Ada- It was easy to work with my group in this club because we had a good work ethic and worked well together.

Gabe- I liked learning how to use a piping bag. I didn't like how much time we had to come the last week because I had to give up some of my other stuff.

Brooke- The club was difficult at times. For example, there was a lot of stress put on us. We had to make sure that all our measurements were correct, otherwise, things went wrong.

Kate- I like working with others to make the end product. It was difficult to compromise sometimes and it took time. Working with others gets the job done faster and gives us a new way of thinking.

Tessa- The stress at the beginning was pretty hard on us all, but it helped push us to find a good solution. Waking up early to be at school by 7:30 on Monday mornings was pretty hard on us all.

Katy- It was difficult to put the main structure together. The pieces didn't fit right, so we had to guess what went where. It was easy & fun to pipe royal icing.

Brooke- One thing I did like was seeing all our work come together into one finished product. Even the three, small potatoes made the whole thing come together.

Gabe- Engineering: Sometimes you need a whole lot of icing to hold up a Nerd rope.

Ada & Kate- Math: Measurements are VERY important! If you put too much or too little of something, if could come out terrible.

Carson- Math: My group only had a 6" by 5" space to work in and put the inside items of the pueblo room. Our measurements had to be exact.

Rachael, Tessa, Brooke- Engineering: If you don't double check your measurements, the building will turn out wonky!

Katy- Science: I learned to make royal icing, a type of icing with powdered egg whites that dries quickly and keeps things together. Technology: I learned the correct way to hold and use a piping bag. Engineering & Math: I learned that measurements need to be just right, or else it's really hard to build something.


Tijeras Pueblo Inspired Gingerbread Complex

Completed Pueblo Gingerbread
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Contest

Albuquerque's IPCC is holding their annual Pueblo Gingerbread House contest, and our students entered their Pueblo Complex! The judging takes place on Wednesday, Dec. 22 with winners announced on Thursday, Dec. 23.

While we didn't winner, we congratulate the winners of this year's contest!

Here's the KOAT Interview.

The Pueblo Complex being delivered to IPCC.

Gingerbread complex on a wagon being delivered to IPCC

The Gingerbread Kids 

SASM s Gingerbread Club group members

KOAT TV, Channel 7, reporter, Genevieve Glass, interviewing four of our Gingerbread Club members with cameraman, Alexis, filming,

Toula HawkinsToula





Eating the leftovers- YUM!
kids eating in cafeteria

Front doorFront door with chile ristras

2nd story with pottery2nd story with person and pottery

garden with creekRaised garden beds with a bridge over Tijeras Creek

Sheep   Turkey PenSheep and turkey pen with tree and pottery in the background

Shed with Kiva in the backgroundShed full of firewood and with turkey on top; kiva in the background