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MSA Pillars @ SASM

Magnet Pillar One: Diversity

All students are welcome to attend SASM. As an APS neighborhood magnet, open places first are filled through our district-outlined zone, then through the Transfer Office's wait list.

Magnet Pillar Two: Innovative Curriculum and Professional Development 


  •  participate in six hours weekly of integrated STEM into content areas.
  • explore their interests during trimester STEMquiry Days.
  • hone 21st Century Skills.
  • lead Project-Based Learning units.
  • focus on a different science-theme each trimester: Earth Science, Physical Science, or Life Science.
  • use beautiful mountain environment to work, study, and for environmental initiatives.
  • work with experienced staff who receives professional development to support their unique curriculum expectations.

Magnet Pillar Three: Academic Excellence

SASM's consistently scores above both state and district averages in testing. Our staff effectively and efficiently to support students' academic and social-emotional growth. We have high student expectations and challenge them with vigorous content and in their interest areas while providing needed support in foundational skills.

Magnet Pillar Four: High Quality Instructional Systems

SASM students are given many opportunities

  • to explore the STEM theme,
  • to delve deeply into environmental topics, and
  • to work collaboratively with peers, school mates, and community members and organizations.

Magnet Pillar Five: Family and Community Partnerships

SASM PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is extremely active and supportive, both with volunteers and financially, of our programs and activities. We are so fortunate to have this wonderful connection with our families and community. Throughout the year, students work with community partners such as SoilutionsMaster GardenersexerplaySandia Mountain Natural History CenterEMIFPA, and many other organizations.