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Committee Members

Kindergarteners: Elizabeth, Kai, Jameson, Eli, Sydney, Audrey, Miles

1st Graders: Josephine, Mark, Theo, Lucy

2nd Graders: Elowen, Miles,  Camila, Jasper, Maggie, plus one more

3rd Graders: Lyla, Maeve, Elijah,  Aaliyah

4th Graders: Mila, Toula, Jens

5th Graders: Jordan, Jackson,  Tessa, Eli, Rachael, Brooke, Katy,   plus one more

Planting the Native Perennials

digging holes for plants

Digging holes for plants

Brining up water

Bringing up water


Watering plants

Watering Plants

Wildflower Naturalists

FTPPO- Student Committee

34 students in grades Kindergarten - 5th participated in this committee! They worked in teams of 4 with a student leader. So far, they have:

  • Visited the outdoor planters
  • Learned about perennials vs annual, native vs exotic, and the many ways native perennials help the local fauna
  • Researched wildflowers in a variety of books
  • Wrote information on a chart with names and STEM connections
  • Confirmed Plants of the Southwest sell the wildflowers in either plants or seeds
  • Share their findings with other teams
  • Completed Field Work at Plants of the Southwest- purchased native, perennial wildflowers to plant in the planters
  • Planted & watered the wildflowers in four of the planters and in the Children's Garden!

Next step, watching them grow!

Field Work at Plants of the Southwest
A 5th grader working with a Kindergartener
Teams of 4 working together
Students working with Mrs. Gillett
A 3rd grader working with a 5th grader