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Nurse Robyn teaches SASM community safety advice.

A list of text and photos of poisonous plants and cacti
Several hiking safely tips with text and photos

Nurse Robyn teaches tips for hiking with safety in mind.

Tips to be safe while being active in five different winter sports

Nurse Robyn highlights safety equipment and behavior for several winter sports.

a variety of winter clothing to keep students warm and safe

In our cold winter climate, safety is important. Nurse Robyn shares tips to keep everyone safe.

pictures of large, wild animals that live near our school and tips to safely leave the area

Nurse Robyn teaches students about safety techniques if they encounter a big animal near their home or in the woods.

Imgages and text of ways to implement Gun Safety

Nurse Robyn lists several ways families can implement gun safety.

photos and text of various ways to stay safe in the high desert- drink water, wear hat

Photos and descriptions of how to keep safe in the high desert sun and heat

Health Office Welcome
5 laughing children say: healthy children learn better and school nurses make it happen


Nurse Staff

  • Robyn Blomberg, School Nurse
    (505) 281-3931 ex: ext. 3
  • Michelle Duran,
    Health Assistant

Nurse's Hours

  • Monday - Friday
  • 8:40a.m. - 3:40p.m.

Available by phone 505-281-3931,
ext 3. or email

For Medical Crisis

Our health office is not a replacement for your usual provider (MD, NP, PA) or emergency services.

If this is a medical crisis or emergency, please call your provider or 911!!