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SASM School Update
Posted 7/31/20

(This is a copy of the school messenger you might have received from Principal Gallegos on July 29, 2020.)


Welcome families to the 2020-2021 school year!

As we enter August, many of you have questions about how the school year will begin.  San Antonito will begin in a remote learning environment starting Wednesday, August 12th.  Per the current APS and Governor’s guidelines, K-5 will start a hybrid learning environment on Tuesday, September 8th. 

Please note this order could change. 


Technology Devices: All SASM students who are enrolled for the 20-21 SY, will receive a Chromebook to be used for their education.  These devices will be distributed hopefully before the August 12th start date.  We are working with APS technology to get these devices distributed and will give you more information on the distribution program once we have a plan completed.  If you need an internet hotspot, please contact us at 505-281-3931 x0 or our clerk Meg Crist to be placed on a waitlist.  APS is working with business partners to offer hotspot services and hopes to be able to provide these services to families in need.


Communication from your student's teacher: In the next few weeks you will be receiving communication from your student’s teacher who will reach out to you via your ParentVue contact whether by phone or email.  Please make sure your ParentVue account is accurate. 


Class Lists: We will not be posting class lists at the school as we have done in the past due to COVID-19 regulations.  If you have not heard from a teacher by August 11th, please contact the school.


School Supplies: Many of you have questions regarding school supplies.  At this time we do not know what we will need for remote learning.  We do not know the supply needs just yet  for the hybrid version.  However, we do know that each student will need a pencil box or gallon bag that will hold their individual supplies such as pencil, eraser, scissors, etc.  We will be sending out a supply list when the hybrid learning gets closer to going into effect. We will not be posting the 100% in-person learning supply list on the San Antonito website. 


Tax-Free Weekend New Mexico:  In June, New Mexico announced its tax-free weekend as being August 7-9.  If New Mexico still plans on honoring that weekend and if you want to take advantage of tax-free shopping for school supplies, we recommend thinking about the basics such as folders, pencils, glue sticks, etc.  For more information on the tax holiday visit Tax-Free New Mexico.  


Bus Schedules: Like the class list, we will not be posting bus schedules at the school.  You will have access to bus stop times and locations on the APS website.  However, last time we looked, it was unavailable and most likely won’t be up and running until we get closer to opening the schools in the hybrid model.  You will find this information at APS My BusStop Information.  Or go to APS Main Page, select A-Z Directory, select T, select Transportation).


We're Excited to see you! San Antonito STEM Magnet School is excited to have its students come back in a remote, hybrid, or in-person environment.  We have strong staff to help you through these uncertain times.  As we figure out how a teaching day will unfold, we want you to know that we are working hard to streamline the remote learning and make the school as safe as we can when the student population comes back in person.  We will continue in a remote learning environment until September 8th unless we hear otherwise and the date is postponed.  


Hybrid Learning: What is a hybrid learning environment as of July 29, 2020?  Approximately half the student population will be on campus while the other half will be at home working on homework.  San Antonito will be open for  students with last names beginning with A-L (aka Group A) starting on September 8th for in-person learning.  Students with last names beginning with M-Z (Group B) will begin in-person learning on September 15th. Group A and B will be responsible for homework packs during their off week from on campus learning.  No students will be on campus on Mondays so that we can clean the school.  If you are in need of a change from Group A to Group B or vice versa, email Patricia Gallegos with your exception.


APS Options: What APS education options do I have?  San Antonito hopes you will be able to continue with our program, but we understand that in-person, whenever that may be, may not be acceptable for your family at this time.  Right now the hybrid model starts September 8th; however, due to the ever changing environment, this date may be moved to a later date.  We won’t know until September approaches.  If keeping a remote environment is important to you, we recommend a 100% online learning environment offered by APS.  eCADEMY is now expanding and opening a K-8 program.  This school is a great way to stay in APS, receive APS services, and have an APS teacher working closely with your student.  eCADEMY will have a structured day and you will have access to an electronic device loaned to you by APS.


We understand this is a lot to absorb and we are here to help as much as we can with deciphering the constantly changing information. 


We Need Your Help- deadline approaching!  Please begin registering your student through ParentVue to help us work on class lists.  We would greatly appreciate a head count of returning students by Tuesday, August 4th.  If you plan to stay in San Antonito, even if you decide in September to move to eCADEMY, please register now through ParentVue. if you haven’t done so already.  If you do NOT plan to return to San Antonito starting August 12th, please notify Meg Crist or give the school a call.  If you still have questions on how to proceed or you don’t know how to access ParentVue, please call the school at 505-281-3931 x0.


Library Call Out: Do you still have a library book checked out that didn’t get returned due to the abrupt end of school.  We are on campus and would really like the books returned.  Just call the school and let them know that you have a book and will be leaving it at the circle garden.  Right now, we are limiting visitors into the building, so leaving the books outside would be best.


Free and Reduced Meal Application: FILL OUT NOW YOUR FREE OR REDUCE MEAL APPLICATIONS  Please out FREE OR REDUCE-PRICED MEAL application as soon as possible.  APS will be offering meals during remote learning; however, these meals will be for purchase, so if you are on the FREE OR REDUCE program, you definitely want to renew your application.  Please note this information may change at any time. 


Grab-and-Go Meals: At this moment meals will be provided once a week on Mondays (with some exceptions) at all high schools.  On Mondays all APS students can purchase breakfast and lunches for the week at any high school.  San Antonito’s closest APS high school is Manzano HS on Lomas east of Juan Tabo (we are seeing if there is a location exception for East Mountains).  APS Food Service will provide a school week’s worth of food.  Pick up will be available from 11:00-12:30 and 4:00-5:30.  Anyone can pick up the food as long as that person has a meal ticket or id that the food service can scan and apply the cost to your students’ cost. 


Starting August 13th and 14th, meal tickets will be available at the school from 7-9am and 11am-1pm.  Visit APS Meal Sites for more information.  Families who don’t qualify for free meals have the option of pre-paying for meals at their child’s school or through (which charges a convenience fee.) More information is available on the APS Food and Nutrition Services website.