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Thank You, DoDEA!
Posted 5/14/21


About the DoDEA Partnership Grant Program
DoDEA supports research-based programs that AIM to increase student achievement in military-connected local education agencies (LEAs) and ease the challenges and transitions that students face due to their parents' military service. Since 2009, DoDEA has awarded 475 grants, totaling over $522 million. These grants serve more than 3.2 million students, including over 713,000 military-connected students in more than 3,120 schools.


Over 5 years, the generous and much appreciated approximately $140,000 AIMS grant supported student achievement in the STEM components at SASM.


For 2 School Gardens & Nature Trail
    •    80 tons of crusher fine for pathways

    •    Kid- and adult-size garden gloves

    •    Picnic tables and benches for outdoor classroom

    •    Drip Irrigation system

    •    Butterfly pavilion materials

    •    Hydroponics systems. 

Classroom STEM Support
    •    19 ActivPanels

    •    Poster machine

    •    ST Math for one year

    •    Incubators for hatching chickens (2nd grades PBL)

    •    Generation Genius- online science-based instruction

    •    3 STEM kits for physical science (5 grade)

    •    Glowforge Laser Cutter (Roadrunner Makerspace Lab)

    •    8 ml photo paper

    •    STEMquiry (STEM clubs) student consumables

STEM Teacher Training
    •    2 years of specialized teacher professional development with Project ARC and Magnet Schools of America Consultant

    •    Professional development for planning for three PBLs (Project-Based Learning) that support our three trimester science themes- Physical, Earth, and Life

    •    Environmental PBLs professional development

    •    Substitutes for grade-level collaboration and professional development

Library STEM
    •    New STEM hardback books

    •    New shelving (6 curved units) for the materials


SASM gives a heart-felt THANK YOU to the DoDEA AIMS grant program and Albuquerque Public School’s Directors, Jami Jacobson, Lanny Leyba, and Ashley Griego who helped us secure and implement this grant over the past 5 years.