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Fine Arts

APS Elementary Fine Arts

APS elementary schools Fine Arts Program provides a full year of both Music and Art to our students. We are very grateful to the Fine Arts Program for meeting the needs of our students in receiving a well-rounded curriculum.

Our elementary program focuses on K-5 students with several goals. See the goals in action during APS's 2024 Elementary Choir Festival! 

The Goals are:

  • All elementary students will be provided with an annual arts experience delivered by teachers who meet “highly qualified” criteria.
  • All students will meet expectations for grade-appropriate basic skills and competencies in general music and visual arts.
  • All students will be provided with opportunities to develop and express their creativity and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the arts.
  • All classroom teachers will be provided with a variety of professional development opportunities to expand their knowledge of best practices in arts education and the instructional benefits of arts integration across the curriculum.

Aps Director Of Fine Arts

  • Gina Rasinski, (505) 880-8249 ext. 88041