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Outdoor Learning Center

Committee Members


  • Elowen
  • Emma
  • Foster
  • Kate
  • Lyla
  • Maggie
  • Mark


  • Adam Hendrickson
    APS's ADA Construction Manager
Outdoor Learning Center

Students reviewing their work with Mr. Adam and Mrs. Gallegos for ADA compliance.

Working At The Outdoor Learning Center Site Near The Observatory

Observatory Thresh-hold

Mr. Adam explains what needs to be done to make the observatory's entrance ADA compliant.

Adding Flags

Lyla & Elowen mark the south-west corner of the ADA compliant platform.

Taping Off a Section

Foster tapes off where the ADA ramp may go with the help of Mrs. Gillett, Kate, Lyla, and Maggie.

ADA Ramp

Maggie and Elowen work with Mrs. Gallegos to measure for the ADA ramp.

Sister & Brother Team

Kate and Foster begin to tape off the ADA sections: platform, ramp, and sitting area.

The Learning Center Team

Students discuss the considerations and options for ADA-compliant outdoor seating with Mr. Adam and Mrs. Gallegos.

FTPPO Student Committee

34 students in grades Kindergarten - 5th participated in this committee! They worked in teams of 4 with a student leader. So far, they have:

  • Visited the outdoor planters
  • Learned about perennials vs annual, native vs exotic, and the many ways native perennials help the local fauna
  • Researched wildflowers in a variety of books
  • Wrote information on a chart with names and STEM connections
  • Confirmed Plants of the Southwest sell the wildflowers in either plants or seeds
  • Share their findings with other teams
  • Completed Field Work at Plants of the Southwest- purchased native, perennial wildflowers to plant in the planters
  • Planted & watered the wildflowers in four of the planters and in the Children's Garden!

Wildflower Naturalists

Committee Members

  • Kindergarteners:Elizabeth, Kai,Jameson,Eli,Sydney,Audrey, Miles
  • 1st Graders:Josephine,Mark, Theo,Lucy
  • 2nd Graders:Elowen,Miles, Camila,Jasper,Maggie,plus one more
  • 3rd Graders:Lyla,Maeve,Elijah, Aaliyah
  • 4th Graders:Mila,Toula,Jens
  • 5th Graders:Jordan,Jackson, Tessa,Eli,Rachael,Brooke,Katy, plus one more