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a group photo of many of the STEM Fair participants
a photo of three students presenting to the judges
a photo of three students presenting to the judges
a photo of two students presenting to the judges and one Science Board

STEM Olympics a Huge Success!

Our STEM Fair Committee with chair Rachael Cutrufello organized and executed a new STEM Olympics. 

Please join me in congratulating all of our young scientists:

  • Kindergarten:

    • Jayne Cox

    • Dominic Laight

    • Maeve McGuinness

    • Kalinda Smith

  • 1st Grade:

    • Palmer Beck

    • Briar Lloyd Strovas

    • Lachlan McBride

  • 2nd Grade:

    • Enzo Cutrufello

    • Oakely Hawkins

    • Foster Hushman

    • Everett Kern

    • Asa McCurdy

    • Audrey Wagner

  • 3rd Grade:

    • Josephine Falzone Anderson

    • Asmond Masoner

  • 4th Grade:

    • Teddy Ligon

    • Seneca McGuinness

  • 5th Grade:

    • Rebecca Cox

    • Augie Cutrufello

    • Mathis Dominguez

    • Cece Learn

    • Heath Linam

    • Josie Stanford

We would also like to congratulate the following prize winners. 

In the science category:

  • 3rd place: Cece Learn

  • 2nd place: Seneca McGuinness

  • 1st place: Teddy Ligon

In the engineering category:

  • 1st place: Heath Linam

And finally, please congratulate our best of show winner Heath Linam, for his project "Breaking Bonds." 

Thank You!

Thank you to all the SASM staff who supported these events.

Thank you also to all our family volunteers who made the events happen: Ashleah Dominguez, Rachael Cutrufello, Jeanette Cox, Shannon Estes, Betsy Netz-Hawkins, Amy Wilmer, Michelle Falzone, Kathie Deal, Emily Gray, Adam Sandoval, Lisa Moore, Kathy Alam, Jolie Pecorielo Laight, Rusty Ligon, Ben Clark, Kevin Crist, Joshua Kern, Sandra Ligon, Brent Taft, Jenny Lloyd Strovas, April Fox, Julia Baca, Virginia Masonser, Teri Tillman, Leslie Davis, Jessica Masoner, Emma Clements, Taryn Sveum, Toula Hawkins, Zavier Hawkins, Maddox Ross, Ezra Wolf, Lily Duryea, Elena Hansen, Cameron Moore, Preston Cox, and Beth Duncan.

Thanks also to the family volunteers who came into Roadrunner Lab and Digi-Lab to support every student at SASM creating their own STEM Project: Jeannette Cox, Rachael Cutrufello, Jordan Ortiz, Mia Leggett, Virginia Masoner, Emily Gray, Carly Ayres, Kristin Merckling, Brittany Keel, Ben Clark, Ashley Ortiz, Adam Sandoval, Russell Ligon, Antuanette Wojton, Shannon Winters, Hien Weiss, Michele Falzone, Talia Wood, Jenna Swann, Teri Tillman, Anna Learn, Cynthia Duncan

SASM STEM Fair Guides

2024 STEM Fair Comittee

The STEM Fair Committee includes:

  • Rachael Cutrufello, chair
  • Jeanette Cox
  • Ashleah Dominguez
  • Cindi Duncan
  • Lisa Moore
  • Veronica Rebal-Ligon
  • Jenna Swann

If you are interested in helping us plan the 2024 STEM Fair, volunteering as a judge, or helping us run our STEM Fair Olympics, we’d love your help! Please email Rachael Cutrufello at

Contact PTA President, Veronica Ligon (, if you wish to help in some/any capacity.

Past SASM Winners