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Welcome to our

Remote Learning Hub
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We are excited to be in this adventure with each of you.

Please let us know how we can make this page easier to access and better meet your needs.

Remote Learning

San Antonito Remote Learning

All the information and resources needed to access and support online learning. We want our families and students to feel connected to learning when they are not physically attending in the school building. 

Click on your child's teacher name and you will be redirected to their personal classroom page.  Each classroom will have everything you need to engage in learning, homework that can be downloaded and printed, teacher office hours, and classroom meeting times. Some classrooms might have recorded visual lessons and activities for students to give feedback and engage in collaboration.


Mrs. Halger

Mrs. Prawitz

Mrs. Trujillo

1st Grade

Mrs. Dayhoff

Mrs. Milligan

Mrs. Prowitz

2nd Grade

Mrs. Burke

Mrs. Coffey

Mrs. Moralez


3rd Grade

Ms DeLair

Ms Lowery-Ross

Mrs. Montoya

4th Grade

Mrs. Harrison

Mrs. López

Mrs. Scott

5th Grade

Mrs. Carver

Ms Chyo

Mrs. Morgan


Kids Enhancement Program (KEP)

Mr. Buchanan

Ms Lazar

Mrs. Peacock

Mrs. Rodriguez

Mr. Worcester


DigiLab- Mrs. Nauer

Fine Arts Music- Mrs. Rivera

Library- Mrs. Gaddis

P.E.- Ms Felhberg

Roadrunner Lab- Mrs. Chevalier