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Grades K - 3: Class Science & Engineering Projects; Individual projects encouraged and supported

Grades 4 & 5: Mandatory Individual Science or Engineering projects; support available through Science/Engineering Fair committee (Students can choose either non-competition or competition category.)

2019-2020 Science & Engineering Fair Committee

Cari Hushman - Chair

Michael Carpinelli           

Kathy Chandler             

James Dominguez         

Dan Dorsey                   

Mark Learn                   

Christine Mitchell         

Bob Murphy                  

Justin Rein                    

Michael Wojcik             

Science & Engineering Fair

2020 Science & Engineering Fair Winners

Exploration, Engineering, and  Science Fair

2019-2020 Information

Every year the Science and Engineering Committee strive to make changes to improve the fair.  After meeting with parents and teachers these are the changes coming this year:

  1. Types of Projects:  We will have three types of projects this year that are available for all students K-5.  They will include Science Demonstrations, Science Projects and Engineering Projects.
  2. Online Registration:  Instead of turning in the “purple sheet” to enter your project in the fair, registration will be online.  Registration is due by November 15.  The registration form can be found at Registration Form 
  3. San Antonito STEM Magnet Science Fair Planning Guides:  These guides are to help you get started and complete your project.  There are 4 of them:  Getting Started, Science Project Guide, Engineering Project Guide, and Science Demonstration Guide.  While there are worksheets to help you work through aspects of your project, none of it is required.  To enter the fair, you only need to fill in the registration form found at Registration Form 
  4. All students wanting to be considered for Central NM STEM Research Challenge (4th and 5th grade only) or compete for ribbons must do a science project or engineering project.  They must also include an abstract with their project.
Important Dates


  • October 14:  Projects start.  (email with packet goes home)
  • November 15:  Electronic entry forms are due
  • November 18:  Receive feedback on project from science and engineering fair committee
  • December 15:  Begin your project
  • January 1:  Results and Conclusions completed
  • January 7:  Begin your display board
  • January 14:  Attend help night from 4-7 in the cafeteria
  • January 21:  Start practicing your presentation
  • January 29:  Bring project to school (or when teacher asks for them):  check in is from 9-2 or 5-7
  • January 30:  SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING FAIR!!  Have Fun! (Judging in the AM-no parents; class visits in the pm; and Open House from 5-7)
Goals & Purpose

The San Antonito Science & Engineering Fair is on its way!  This year the fair will be held on Thursday, January 30, 2020.  The Science Fair Committee would like to offer a few pointers and words of encouragement (especially for those beginning kindergarten parents!).  

  • Our goal is to ignite the students’ interest in science and engineering, to have them explore some concept and have fun.  

  • Facilitating the project is different from doing it for your child. Make sure you do not do all the work.  However, do not leave your child to flounder, winding up with a negative feeling toward science.  

  • Help your child choose a project in which he or she truly has an interest. Make it fun!  Let them wonder, let them investigate, let them find something out!

  • Remember, learning can be messy!  As long as your child (and your home) is safe, all you have to do is provide the time, materials.  Natural curiosity will take your child to a higher level of thinking.

  • For grades K-2, encourage the students to explore science in their own way.  They do not need to follow the scientific method.

Display boards are available now from the school office for $3 each.  K-2 just need a flat piece of poster board, which may be easier for them to write on.  

If you have questions, contact Cari Hushman.


San Antonito STEM Magnet Community cultivates learning excellence in all students through integrated academic and environmental STEM experiences.


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