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All fourth and fifth grade students are expected to have an individual project. 

All K-3 students are encouraged to participate with individual projects, but will also participate through classroom based projects.

2023 STEM Fair Committee

Cari Hushman - Chair

Sarah Barry

Rachael Cutrufello

Dan Dorsey

Sarah Dufay

Gregory Farmer

Mark Learn

Katie Lund


Exploration, Engineering, and  Science Fair

UNM STEM Fair Regionals!

3 students before the competitionCece Learn, Adeaide Wells, and Heath Linam represented SASM at the regional competition. All three are winners!

2023 STEM Fair Winners

Hello SASM Families!

Thank you to all the students, parents and community volunteers who helped make this year's fair such a huge success.  We had 140 individual projects from grades K-5, 10 classroom projects from grades K-3, 27 STEM Fair volunteers across the year, and 48 judges on the day of the Fair.  If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the STEM Fair 2024, contact  


* Project was distinguished as a 'Best of Fair' 

** Project was also selected to represent the school at the NM STEM Regional Challenge


Here are the winners in each of the categories:

Engineering/Computer Sciences

3rd:  Augie Cutrufello 

2nd: Maeve Dorsey

1st:  Heath Linam**

Science Projects:  Chemistry

3rd:  Josie Stanford 

2nd: Gavin Pava

1st:  Anna Meisner

Science Projects:  Earth Science

3rd:  Annaleigh Wilborn 

2nd: Ethan Velasco

1st:  Zaiden Moore**

Science Projects:  Food Science

3rd:  Toula Hawkins 

2nd: Emma Shepherds

1st:  Adelaide Wells**

Science Projects:  Life Science (Grade 5)

3rd:  Mackenzie Woods

2nd: Aspen Bickford

1st:  Charlotte Raffel**

Science Projects:  Life Science (Grades 3 & 4)

3rd:  Phoenix Tankersky and Liam Lesser (Tie)

2nd: Cecilia Learn* and Gemech Qualtrone (Tie)

1st:  Greyson Smith-Lorenzo*

Science Projects:  Physics

3rd:  Samuel Kern**

2nd: Kate Borsey**

1st:  Silas Pierce

Demonstration:  Earth Science

3rd:  Gavin Best 

2nd: Leander Armijo

1st:  Jacob Edwards*

Demonstration:  Engineering

3rd:  Bryce Dempsey

2nd: Jose Pacheco 

1st:  Kallan Strovas*

Demonstration:  Food Science 

3rd:  Addison Pohl 

2nd: Lauren Willeford

1st:  Madeline Edmonds* & Sonya Gonzales* (Tie)

Demonstration:  Life Science

3rd:  Malchi Gurule 

2nd: Jennifer Smutz

1st:  Brielle Beecher 

Demonstration:  Physical Science

3rd:  Adelin Krutyka 

2nd: Brody Branson

1st:  Adrian Trujillo 

Goals & Purpose

The San Antonito STEM Fair is on its way!  This year the fair will be held on Thursday, January 26, 2023.  The STEM Fair Committee would like to offer a few pointers and words of encouragement (especially for those beginning kindergarten parents!).  

  • Our goal is to ignite the students’ interest in science and engineering, to have them explore some concept and have fun.  
  • Facilitating the project is different from doing it for your child. Make sure you do not do all the work.  However, do not leave your child to flounder, winding up with a negative feeling toward science.  
  • Help your child choose a project in which he or she truly has an interest. Make it fun!  Let them wonder, let them investigate, let them find something out!
  • Remember, learning can be messy!  As long as your child (and your home) is safe, all you have to do is provide the time, materials.  Natural curiosity will take your child to a higher level of thinking.
  • For grades K-2, encourage the students to explore science in their own way.  They do not need to follow the scientific method perfectly.

If you have questions, contact Cari Hushman.

2022 STEM Fair Winners

All the students who participated impressed the judges with their depth knowledge, explanation of their projects, and presentation skills. Congratulations to you all!

This year's winners are:

Grades K-2 Science Project

1st Foster H. (Ms Penny)

2nd Ariana J. (Mrs. Milligan)

3rd Devin A. (Mrs. Burke)


Best K-2 Demonstration:  Grace (Mrs. Coffey)

Best K-2 Presentation:  Mark H. (Mrs. Dayhoff)

Grade K-2 Best of Fair: Camilla L. (Mrs. Burke)


Grades 3-5 Demonstrations

1st Jacob E, (Mrs. Ramos)

2nd Tessa K. (Mrs. Morgan)


Grades 3-5 Science Project

Tied for 1st. Gabe A. (Mrs. Morgan) & Adelaide W. (Ms Sena)

3rd Evangelina P. (Mrs. Morgan)


Grade 3-5 Best of Fair:  Kate H. (Mrs. Carver)


San Antonito STEM Magnet Community cultivates learning excellence in all students through integrated academic and environmental STEM experiences.


Wonder ~ Explore ~  Contribute: Together we make our world better

Science Fair Ideas