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Star Party Student Committee

23 Students in Grades K-5th

Gavin, Audrey, Matthew, Elowen, Josephine, Cali, Theo, Jameson, Erin,  Cece, Camila, Audrey, Heath, Briar, Kallan, Jack, Preston, Zeke, Maeve, Dagen, Leandra, Arthur, and Ryan.

We had to do several things.

  1. Write the rules for our game- Pin the Moon on Its Orbit
  2. We had to design the brochure to give to families during our school's STEM Stroll and at the Star Party.
  3. Learn about the Moon for our Moon Story Time activity.
  4. Draw space pictures to use as coloring sheets for our Space Coloring activity.
  5. We had to make a list of supplies with everything we need for our Star Chart activity.
  6. We had to form groups who will run each of our activities during the Star Party.

Moon game rules

Pin the Moon on Its Orbit Rules & Supplies

Star Chart Supply ListStar Chart Supply List

Space Coloring Sheet by MaeveSpace Coloring Sheet by Maeve

Roadrunner Star Party

Our first star party is here!

When: Thursday, January 26, 2023

Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

Where: SASM Observatory & Field

Who: All SASM families and friends

Bring: Blankets, Binoculars, and Flashlights

Provided: Free gifts for all who sign in, pathway lighting, red cellophane & rubber bands to cover flashlights & cell phones

Hosted by: Albuquerque Astronomical Society & the Air Force Research Lab

Grant from: APS Education Foundation

Learning about the Moon
The making of the prize box
Designing our advertisement
Astronaut doing the dab move on top of a rocket
  • SASM Telescope
  • 4+ additional telescopes
  • Star Chart Reading
  • Lite Brite Activity
  • Pin the Moon on its Orbit Game (with prizes!)
  • 4+ Glowing Corn Hole games
  • Space Coloring Pages
  • Enjoying Family Time

STEM Stroll Star Party information with telescopeStar Party information booth at the SASM STEM Stroll with brochures for families to take home.

Maggie with star party poster

One of several poster advertisements