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School Supply Lists

IMany of you have questions regarding school supplies.  At this time we do not know all the supplies we will need for remote learning or the hybrid version. 

We do know that each student will need:

  • a pencil box or gallon bag that will hold their individual supplies
  • pencils 
  • erasers
  • scissors
  • and other basic supplies.

We will not be using community supplies as some classrooms have in the past.

We will be sending out a supply list when we are closer to moving into the hybrid learning version. We will not post a supply list for 100% in-person learning version (the traditional version). 

In June, New Mexico announced its tax-free weekend August 7-9.  If New Mexico still plans on honoring that weekend and if you want to take advantage of tax-free shopping for school supplies, we recommend thinking about the basics such as folders, pencils, glue sticks, etc.  For more information on the tax-free weekend, visit Tax Holiday New Mexico