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Students on Committee:

  • Adrian
  • Ada
  • Caden
  • Eli
  • Gabe
  • Gavin
  • Ryan
  • Thaddeus

Astrophysicist and Satellite Mission Lead- Dr. Wellesley Pereira 

Space Physicist- Lt. Tisha Sablan  

Optical Scientist- Dr. Patrick Thewlis

Our Notes

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Telescope Researchers

Meeting of the Minds

Our grant, Follow the Trail of the Painted Planters to the Observatory, held its first student committee this morning- Telescope Researchers. We arrived 70 minutes before school started (yawn!) to meet with Dr. Wellesley Pereira (an astrophysicist and satellite mission lead scientist), Lt. Tisha Sablan (a space physicist), and Dr. Patrick Thewlis (an optical scientist). For 70 minutes the we learned and discussed the different aspects of a telescope and what will work best for our rural mountain environment. We took notes and drew images to help them continue the process of choosing the best telescope and accessories. Then, we gave our guest speakers a tour of the observatory area.

Group in front of our observatory